Welcome to Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

a Jean Jacques Machado Affiliate school

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an advanced grappling system… designed to submit an opponent through various joint locks. It is referred to as “the gentle art.” Although during competitions we start from a standing position most jiu-jitsu is played from the ground. Unlike wrestling rules jiu-jitsu allows its practitioners to roll on their backs to gain advantage.


To name a few techniques to gain submissions: armbars, various chokes, kimura, ankle locks, knee locks, etc. In tournaments we also have a point system in case no submissions are made.


Jiu-jitsu can be adapted for any person. Not everyone needs to be a super athlete to practice jiu-jitsu and succeed at it! When we teach a technique we know that each person is creating his/her own style. Not every technique will work in every persons' game. We welcome you to try our class and do your best. You'll find out very shortly that what you thought was your best is only the beginning.

Our approach to teaching jiu-jitsu is similar to the way it started in Brazil…through hard work and dedication. We have a strenuous cardio workout followed by techniques and sparring. Although we are focused on technique and conditioning we are equally competitive and partake in many tournaments throughout the year. The idea behind training is to enrich ourselves and lead better lives. When we train properly we feel good, we learn more and we get better. This feeling of accomplishment then feeds other parts of our life.

Adult BJJ Tournament "White Out" November 17th 2019. By OVfilms